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11/19/12 6wks 0 days

Baby A is much more visible in this pic. She is such a ham!!
Babies had hearbeats of 97 & 99 beats per minute. Those are great rates for them being so young. When I saw those two little hearbeats I started crying tears of joy. I am so excited and speechless. I think that seeing the hearbeats is what made this a reality for me. I have been blessed beyond belief. God is amazing in the miracles he grants me.

Next ultrasound isnt for a couple weeks.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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Two little babies in there! 11/20/12 6wks 0 days   Leave a comment

Two little babies in there! 11/20/12 6wks 0 days

In this pic you can just barely see baby B on the left..this was the best pic they could get of him because every time I took a breath, we couldn’t see it anymore. We can’t see baby A in this pic, but she is there in the close up shot.

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FIrst Ultrasound-WAAAHHHOOOOOO!!!! WAAAHHHOOOOOO!!!!   Leave a comment

Let me tell you, drinking 36 ounces of water and holding your urine for 30 minutes would be hard on me even if I were not pregnant.  My bladder is the size of a peanut.  So you could imagine the pain I was in by the time I got to the office.  I knew at 4weeks6days they wouldn’t be able to see anything on the external ultrasound. However, they did need to take measurements of my uterus that way.  After that I was nearly busting at the seams, so the tech let me run to the ladies room before the vaginal ultrasound.  Thank God!!

As soon as the screen came on the tech said right away that she saw at least two, maybe three sacs.   After a bit of prodding, she found two perfectly round little sacs, both measuring the exact date of gestation.  TWINS!!!!  There were no heartbeats yet, but that is to be expected this early.  I will be having another ultrasound either next Monday, or the Monday following Thanksgiving.  I think I would rather wait until I are sure we can see those little fluttering hearts.

Needless to say, I was shocked that it was actually two.  Of course I had hoped, prayed and even had really good feelings there were two. But it seemed a little selfish to hope for two.  One was what I had originally figured would take, but when I got that positive pregnancy test so early, I was sure there were more than one in there.

I am so excited I can’t even see straight!  I have a hard time concentrating at work. Now instead of thinking of one or two name combinations, I am thinking of four.  I will find myself in the middle of a project at work and get totally sidetracked looking at double strollers, or articles about twins. Maybe its the excitement, or maybe its the pregnancy brain, but either way I can’t focus on anything for long, and I LOVE it!

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Doubling HCG   2 comments

Got my 2nd beta number in today.  342 at 9dp6dt…..the numbers are increasing right on schedule.

However, my progesterone level is only a 4.9 and I have had some cramping and spotting and it was scaring the crap out of me.

Last night, after several nasty phone calls to my new doctor office they finally let me speak to a nurse. The receptionists didn’t want to let me talk to anyone since my first initial new patient appointment isn’t until Monday.  I tried explaining that my babies might not have till Monday, but she was fighting me tooth and nail.  I finally got through to a nurse and she put me through to the doctor on call. That doc recommended I double  up my dose of progesterone and see a doc in the morning. I took the increased dose and the cramping stopped within 15 minutes and neither cramping or spotting have returned!

Today I saw the doc.  He explained that since my HCG levels are doubling, that the progesterone wasn’t a huge concern. He said that sometimes progesterone suppositories are difficult to detect in a blood test.  He said to continue with the increased dose and to really just monitor how I feel.  On the upside, he scheduled me another beta tomorrow and an ultrasound on Tuesday.  Yay!

It is so hard to walk the line between excitement and fear.  I am really trying hard to give it over to God and just trust that he has a plan for me.

BFP! (Big Fat Positive)   2 comments



ImageThis first pic is 3dp6dt.  It is so light I at first thought I was hallucinating, but the weird shadow was undeniable that there was something there. The test the next morning (9 hrs later) proved it!




The pic above is 4dp6dt with only a 2 hour urine hold!! 

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And it begins….

1dp6dt = 1 Day Past 6 Day Transfer= The embryos were 6 days old at transfer, and its been one day since they were placed in my uterus.(For those of you new to the lingo)

1dp6dt: Slight cramping, pretty mild but still can feel it.

2dp6dt: Slight cramping, pinching feeling in lower right side of tummy.

3dp6dt: Nausea, can’t eat dinner. The smell of cigarettes outside makes my stomach lurch. Boobies are KILLING me. Flew back to the US and so at 3.5dp6dt I caved in and took the HPT that reprofit gave me.  I see a slight shadow.

4dp6dt: Got a definite positive on a First Response Early Response.  I am blown away. Nausea is worse, still have the cramping and super tired. Bloody mucas when I blow my nose and bleeding gums when brushing teeth.

5dp6dt: Took another hpt. BFP! Even darker. Nasuea, really sore boobies and tired.  Feeling gassy and bloated. Backache.

6dp6dt: Another hpt. Even darker than yesterday, almost as dark as the control line! Nausea, sore bb, tired, bloated, backache, some dark brown spotting.

7dp6dt: Beta 166!  I am amazed at how fast that came back and at how high the number is! Hoping its twins?!?!   Sore bb, nausea, tired backache and metal taste in mouth. Tastes like I am sucking on a penny.  Ew! A little bit of pink spotting on my toilet paper twice, but none on pantyliner.  It scared me half to death. Came home from work, ate dinner and fell asleep in my chair.

8dp6dt: No more spotting!  Boobies are sore but not quite as bad as the past few days. Tired, metal taste in mouth, still light cramping. 

9dp6dt: Second Beta drawn today. Won’t get results for two days. Super tired and nausea. Came home from work early to rest. Headache, sore boobies.


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Old Town Prague


Reprofit from street (across from where the tram dropped me off)



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Transfer Day   1 comment

10/23-10/28 came and went without incident.  Unless you count the constant drip from the progesterone suppositories.  I swear I should buy stock in pantyliners!

Oct. 29  Transfer day. I was a nervous wreck.  I had heard horror stories of the doc swabbing the cervix with alcohol before the transfer and really had no desire to feel that!

I got to the clinic on time and reported to the reception desk. They directed me through the double doors into the “Inpatient Center”. I have no idea how it is possible, but this office seemed even cleaner than the first! The verified my identity and had me read a legal form that informed me that I am the legal birth parent and that I agree to never attempt to search out the donors. The room had 1 other nervous looking woman in it that went back first.  When she came out with a smile my nerves went away.

The doc then came out to lead me to another consult room where he went over the procedure with me. We also talked about meds, after care and odds.  I have a 46% chance for success with 19% chance for twins. He also told me to not go home and rest afterwards. He said I should travel, walk, see the city, and to live life normally. He asked if I had questions and led me to the waiting room for “7 minutes, no stresses!”. He was very friendly and helped me to feel informed.

The nurse came and got me and led me back to the transfer room.  It was small with just a gyno table, ultrasound monitor and tv monitor on the wall. When I walked in the nurse asked me to undress from the “waister down only”. After I changed, I hopped up and assumed the position. The doc came in and pointed out my two perfect 6 day old embies on the tv monitor while the nurse got a good spot on my tummy for the ultrasound. As doc was getting the speculum in place, the lab tech pulled the embryos up into a catheter. She brought them in, verified my name and the doctor showed me exactly where the catheter was placed in my uterus.  He did the transfer, removed the speculum and had me scoot up on the bed. It was over in around two minutes. There was not one single second of pain or discomfort.

The doc told me congratulations and asked me to let him know how things go. Then I rested for about 15 minutes.  I do not know how to explain the feeling that came over me at the moment of transfer.  I prayed to God that if it was his will for me to be pregnant, I would cherish his blessings and his plans for me. I felt a sense of calm, peace and just a stillness in my heart that I can’t say I have ever felt before.  I felt pregnant and that God was telling me, “Relax, I got this, haven’t I made this whole trip for you so easy and made all the pieces fall into place just perfectly?”

After 15 minutes I got up, got dressed and went to the front desk. They all said good luck and led me to the cashiers office.  I paid the bill and she handed me a pregnancy test and said good luck again!

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Well after my third attempt to post with pictures getting wiped out, I’m rewriting without pics. I will try to add them in a separate post.

After a long flight from CA I finally made it to Prague safe and sound. Prague is a beautiful city full of old world charm and AMAZING coffee.  I’m tellin’ ya, if you have never had a cup of Dutch, Czech or German coffee, you don’t know what you are missing!!!   The streets in old town Prague are cobblestone, narrow and full of unexpected twists and turns.  Specialty shops and cafes mixed with residences line each street. Amid all of the archaic buildings and road there is a very modern public transportation system underground. The Metro runs from a downtown center and reaches every corner of of the city.  From there, buses and trams get people closer to destinations. The main Metro station is also the main station to catch a train or bus to a neighboring city.

I spent the first night in Prague and got an early start to Brno via the Student Agency Bus Lines. I was a little hesitant to ride a bus called “Student Agency”. In my mind I pictured a school bus with rambunctious high school and college students on it.  Not the case at all!  These are similar to a Greyhound bus, but much nicer and more comfortable. The ride was 2.5 hours but the time passed fairly fast with TV’s in the headrests in front. It was around $12 per person for a one way ticket on the bus.  Not too bad considering they served some of that famous coffee.  🙂

Once I got to Brno, the tram to Reprofit was just across the street from where the Student Agency bus dropped us off. The tram to Reprofit was about a 10 minute ride. The stop was just up the street from Reprofit.

First impressions of Reprofit were wonderful. I was greeted immediately by smiling faces and an efficient yet personal feeling in the office. The waiting room was clean and had several people in it, but they were called back almost as soon as they sat down!  I had arrived an hour early due to not being sure of tram schedules.  I had anticipated a long wait because of it. However upon walking in, the receptionist asked for my passport, gave me some paperwork to fill out and asked me to have a seat.  A moment or two after the paperwork was filled out, a doctor came to me in the waiting room, introduced himself and walked me back to the consult room.

The consult room was immaculate.  I’m talking white leather executive office chairs to sit in, white desks, white computers. I didn’t see one fingerprint, smudge or speck of dust anywhere!  The doctor went over my history, my cycle, my current meds, and asked if I had questions.  The Ultrasound room was located right next to the consult room. I changed, hopped on the table and the doc came in for the vaginal ultrasound. It was over in less than 30 seconds, He was gentle, respectful and immediately told me my lining was at 10mm and looked wonderful. I am on schedule for 10/29 transfer!!!

Holy Headaches Batman!!!   5 comments

I am officially in Estrogen HELL! My head had been throbbing for two days non-stop. I do not want any complications with implantation so I have been trying my best not to take any over the counter pain meds. However, after several hours of having a headache so bad I was considering banging my head into a wall so I could knock myself out, I decided to try taking Tylenol.  I might as well have just taken a tic-tac, it had the same effect. Cut to 8pm and imaging me lying in a recliner with my eyes squinty while I moan like a cow giving birth.  Not a good look for me.  I took 400mg of ibuprofen and prayed for the next 15 minutes.  Slowly but surely I got some relief!!  The headache was definitely still there, but at least I could see straight! Went to bed last night and woke up with the same mildly grating headache, but at least it’s not a 4 alarm fire bell going off in my skull.

Now on to the nausea and dizziness.  I am sitting at my desk and the room keeps spinning a bit. It almost feels like I am having inner ear problems and like my equal liberum is off.  Totally woozy and scatterbrained…kinda like the day after tying on a few too many the night before. The problem is that I am not very effective at work.  That isn’t good considering in 4 days I will be leaving my job for 3 weeks.  I can only imagine what I am going to come back to if I don’t get the mess in order now.

The good news is I am only a week away from getting on the plane to Prague!!